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Molly and Sherlock

Hi :) I was just wondering, why does everyone think Molly helped Sherlock fake his death? Wasn’t Molly pregnant at the time because of Sherlock, so why ¬†would she help him? Just wondering, sorry if it’s a stupid question!




Well…that’s certainly the most bizarre theory I’ve ever heard.

Are you sure we’re talking about the same show?

The show in which Sherlock Holmes is almost certainly both asexual and a virgin and even if he wasn’t has no interest in Molly whatsoever, to the extent that his being mean to her is a recurring plot point?

That show?

Also, the show in which Molly offered to help Sherlock in any way she could, and in which - just before Sherlock jumped to his apparent death - he approached Molly and told her “I think I’m going to die” to which she responded “What do you need?” As such, the notion that Molly helped Sherlock fake his death isn’t really a fan theory, it’s in the show.

I’m not being patronizing, I legitimately think you may be either confusing a fanfiction for something you saw in the show, or possibly watching something different.

On an aside: even if Molly was pregnant by Sherlock (which, just to be doubly clear, has never happened and never will) why would she refuse to help save the life of the hypothetical father of her hypothetical child? What kind of person does that? I think, if anything, she would be more inclined to help him in that case.


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